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Welcome to 321, a South Korean entertainment role play based out of Seoul, South Korea. When registering, please use all lowercase letters.


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160518 / starting this summer, seoul museum of art is hosting extended night tours and experiences on select nights of the week. indulge your senses in an overload of strobing color and musical adventures as you make your way through interactive museum exhibits only enhanced by the night. your exhibit tour is lead by an in-house dj.

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park jaewoo

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ryu tae joon

mbc we got married
mbc we got married
our airing run of the popular reality show, "we got married," has come to an end. we hope that you all enjoyed the featured couples and that those starring on the show have made new, lifelong connections.

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321 is closing its doors to the public. members can still log in, write/plot but please refer to our newest announcement in regards to the direction of the site! thank you.
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